Samunderi Namoone

Samunderi Namoone (Seafood Specialities)

Entrees Served with Basmati Rice

101. Shrimp Curry

Fresh shrimp exotically prepared in a light gravy. Served mildly spiced or hot .... $16.00

102. Shrimp Saag

Large pieces of shrimp sauteed with spinach, coriander and mild Indian spices .... $16.00

103. Shrimp Masala

Large fresh shrimp prepared in tomatoes and a cream sauce .... $16.00

104. Shrimp Vindaloo

Large, fresh shrimp prepared in a mildly spicy with potatoes .... $16.00

105. Shrimp Karahi

Large sized shrimp, cooked with fresh bell peppers, tomatoes and onions .... $16.00

106. Shrimp Shai Korma

Large pieces of shrimp soaked in mild curries softened by a cream based sauce topped with raisins & nuts .... $16.00

107. Fish Tikka

(Punjabi Style) .... $16.00

108. Fish Curry

Fish in thick curry sauce .... $16.00

109. Fish Karahi

Fish cooked with bell peppers, onions and tomatoes .... $16.00

110. Fish Masala

Cooked with tomato, onion gravy and cream sauce .... $16.00